Exposure X5 Introduction

Exposure is the best photo editor for creative photographers who want to create artistic images.

Its large library of gorgeous looks provides inspiring starting points that you can customize. Unique creative tools not found in other photo editors help your photos stand out. And Exposure’s efficient workflow keeps you in the creative zone.

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Gorgeous Looks

An extensive selection of beautiful film presets puts the history of photography at your fingertips.

Carefully researched with the help of experienced film photographers, Exposure has the largest and most accurate selection of film looks available. Exposure’s creative looks go beyond film simulation, offering you new creative styles such as clean modern looks.

You can customize each of Exposure’s built-in looks, then save it as a unique look that expresses your own style. Reuse your customized presets to achieve consistent looks across all your work with a single click.

Kodak Ektar 100 was used
to punch up this creative
architectural shot.
This classic black & white portrait
has a Fuji Fp-100C filter as
the base and was finished with
a modified Daguerreotype

Unique Creative Tools

Andrea Livieri Exposure’s unique 3D Color Masking makes adjusting parts of an image a breeze. In this photo, the green landscape was selected in seconds with just a few clicks. Vincenzo Sagnotti A subtle haze was added to this photo using Exposure’s overlays panel. Hundreds of borders, textures, and light effects are available. KariAnn Screenshot Layers The nondestructive layer system enables you easily combine effects for the perfect look. KariAnn Screenshot Layers

Exposure has creative tools you won’t find in any other photo editor.

These tools include realistic film grain, creative lens focus and tilt-shift effects, and a huge number of creative overlays – light effects, textures, and borders.

Exposure’s design encourages you to work creatively. Apply effects selectively to specific areas of your image with brushing and masking tools. Non-destructive layers enable you to blend presets and adjustments for an endless variety of looks.

Focus on your Art

Exposure’s intuitive design helps you focus on creativity.

Its workflow is reliable, efficient, and respectful of your hard drive space. This helps you spend less time managing files and more on creating beautiful images.

Exposure puts everything you need onscreen in a single user interface that can be customized to suit your workflow preferences. Transition seamlessly between organizing and editing without having to switch between modules.

© Clay Blankenbeckler

Choose from hundreds of creative looks using Exposure’s visual preset browser.


500+ presets
500+ customizable presets

3D Color Masking
(New) 3D Color Masking

RAW Support
Complete non-destructive RAW photo editor

PS and LR plugin support
Photoshop and Lightroom plug-in support included

Black and white support
Black-and-white processing

Non-destructive Editing
Non-destructive layers

keywords and collections
Keywords, collections, and smart collections

virtual copies
Virtual copies

Portrait retouching
Portrait retouching

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Legendary Service

When you purchase Exposure, you benefit from using a stable, reliable product. One that you can count on for any type of photography workflow.

We’ve been developing award-winning, advanced image processing software since 1993, and are known for our industry-leading software and fantastic customer support.
If you ever need assistance, we’re here for you. Our tutorials page offers many helpful videos and articles. Our support team is fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. If you ever have a question, you’ll always be communicating with a real person.

Every company should have tech-support like you. Spot on and quick. Best in the business, and I’ve dealt with a lot of techies in my time.

Larry Gambon

Press Mentions

To learn what industry photographers and journalists think of Exposure, check out these recent reviews.

Digital Photography Review

“Exposure X5 stands out from its rivals thanks to its blazing-fast image browsing and editing. It also boasts a treasure trove of manual adjustments plus a vast library of quick yet professional-looking presets.”

“Exposure is so versatile that it can quickly be picked up by those new to photo editing. Equally, professional photographers will find a fully-fledged editing suite to make their workflow as efficient as possible.”

“Exposure from [Exposure Software] does everything you’d expect from a high-end editor, things like PSD support, Mac and 64-bit Win compatibility, integration as a PS plug-in, etc., and it does everything fast.”

“Exposure is certainly very responsive, more so than Adobe’s other competitors. The new ability in Exposure to populate smart collections with keywords is a real, time-saving bonus.”


Cropping and Rotating Images

Learn how to edit images with the crop and rotate tools in Exposure. This video guide demonstrates the fundamentals for how to put them to use.

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We thoroughly test and support Exposure X5 on the systems listed. While Exposure X5 may also work on other configurations, we do not guarantee it.

  • Apple Mac: OS X Yosemite (10.10) or newer
  • Microsoft Windows: Windows 7 64-bit or newer
  • An Intel Core 2 processor with SSE4 support or compatible
  • A monitor with 1280×768 resolution or greater

Exposure is a complete photo editing and organizing solution. It can also be used as a creative editing plug-in. The plug-in requirements are as follows:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6 or Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 or newer
  • Adobe Lightroom 6 or Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 or newer
  • TIFF, JPEG, DNG, PSD (that have Maximize Compatibility turned on)
  • Exposure supports a wide range of RAW camera formats.
  • Exposure automatically corrects lens distortion for many camera lenses.