Now that you have the free Alt Photo and installed the latest update, let’s talk about other fun iPhone apps. Here is one for shooting long exposures.

Slow Shutter Cam

Note that this is Slow Shutter Cam by Cogitap Software, not Slow Shutter by Tomoki Kobayashi. This app lets you take long exposures or play with light painting. I don’t have any light painting examples made with Slow Shutter Cam, but if you like that topic then check out our other articles here and here.

Here are some shots I took with Slow Shutter Cam. Water usually works well. With a 15 second exposure I get enough averaging that the result looks smooth.


I’m pretty sure the iPhone camera cannot actually take a single long exposure. Instead, apps like this shoot many individual photos and then average them. As a result, you may occasionally see a little bit of stuttering when there is fast movement in the scene. You can see that in the fireworks below. Still, it’s pretty cool for 99 cents!


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