Meet Thomas Barnes, he’s a timelapse photographer and an editor for Lobster Pictures. He also works as a wedding photographer for Albert Palmer Photography in Bristol, UK. Thomas shared a little bit about his story as a photographer with me. Here it is below.

I started taking pictures years ago, during my final year of school. I was fascinated. There was so much to learn and experiment with. Photography took me out from behind my desk and out into Staffordshire’s wonderful countryside. The experience was totally liberating.

A short time later, I heard about Alien Skin Software. I started working with Albert Palmer – a brilliant wedding photographer based in Bristol. I knew that Bert, and a lot of other big names in the wedding world, used Exposure. It gave them organic looks that aren’t possible to duplicate in Lightroom. I had to make it part of my digital workflow. I’m glad I did!

Recently I took my girlfriend, Rebekah, on a surprise trip to Iceland. She’s wanted to her whole life. It was the perfect place to take her since we’re both avid snappers. We came back with a lot of great shots. Here are some below.

To see more of Thomas’ work, check out his Facebook page and Flickr Photostream.

ThomasBarnes_iceland_1 ThomasBarnes_iceland_2 ThomasBarnes_iceland_3 ThomasBarnes_iceland_4 ThomasBarnes_iceland_5

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