If you aren’t familiar with Craig Beckta, shame on you. He’s one of Westcott’s Top Pro’s and he’s a heck of a photo-retoucher, too. Craig is mainly a portrait photographer, but he spends a lot of time teaching as well. He has a great library of video tutorials on his Youtube channel and he’s always busy making new content to share.

Speaking of new content, he made a video tutorial for us to share with all of you. In the video, he uses Exposure in his Photoshop workflow. Craig takes his image through multiple passes of Exposure to have even more control over the effects. The look that he ends up with is as custom as they come. On top of that, he uses some fancy Photoshop trickery to blend the effects just where he wants them to display.

Lots of good workflow ideas in this video. Take a look, get inspired, and show us what you come up with over in the Exposure and Snap Art Facebook groups!

Check out more from Craig on Facebook, on his website, or on YouTube.

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