As you may know, we’re getting ready to launch Exposure 7 soon*. With all the fanfare of the new bells and whistles coming down the pike, it can sometimes be easy to overlook the subtleties of the work going on behind the scenes to improve the product. One such example is the Split Toning preset section, which we decided needed a complete overhaul in order to render the effects in a more subtle and aesthetically pleasing way. Authenticity is key for us, so we have made sure the effects look as realistic and, therefore, as useful as possible.

For our research into split toning, the team dived into the theory and practice of darkroom techniques for toning monochrome images using different chemicals. Getting such effects going the traditional route requires some pretty painstaking work with careful diligence to chemistry and timing. Luckily for us, getting similar results in Exposure is relatively quick and easy (and far less messy).

Here are a few examples from the 20+ presets for split toning shipping in Exposure 7.

split toning Original


For this base image, I took a single frame from a recent shoot Jimmy organized in his own back garden. Incidentally, each log here was lovingly chopped by “El Tiburon” himself after a particularly stressful day in the recording booth. I brought the image into Lightroom and used an adjustment brush in order to just dodge Sonia’s face and the ends of the logs to brighten them up a touch. From there I headed over to Exposure 7 and just ran the presets and exported the examples as follows (click on the images for larger versions):

split toning Blue - Light Tone

Blue – Light Tone

split toning Copper - Light Tone

Copper – Light Tone

split toning FSA Red


split toning Gold Split

Gold Split

split toning Green - Light Tone

Green – Light Tone

split toning Platinum


split toning Selenium - Warm/Cool

Selenium – Warm/Cool

split toning Sepia - Cream

Sepia – Cream

And there you have it. Be sure to take your B&W images for a spin with the new B&W Split Toning presets and share them with us in the Exposure user group when Exposure 7 lands.*

Model: Sonia
Hair: Matthew Melino at 6 Salon
Make-Up: Jami Pham at 6 Salon

*We will be announcing the official launch date shortly! Watch this space!!

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