Exposure is growing into a full-fledged photo organizer when it becomes Exposure X later this year. We designed it to completely eliminate hassles that drive us crazy in other products, with the goal of making it a powerful yet simple photo organizer. The catalog file in Lightroom is a big source of confusion. There are entire classes on how to manage it and get around its limitations.

Exposure X doesn’t have a catalog file. That makes many things easy, such as rapidly browsing photos. You don’t need to import photos into Exposure X. Just visit a folder and get to work. Exposure X can quickly organize photos like Photo Mechanic or Bridge, but it can also non-destructively edit them like Lightroom. You get the capabilities you need, while still having a simple photo organizer.

Exposure X stores the edits for each photo in the same folder where it lives. That makes it easy to take the folder on the road or back it up. Just move or copy the whole folder and you’ll have the photos along with their edits, star ratings, flags, etc. You can even use a cloud storage service like Dropbox to work on the same photos from multiple computers.

Exposure X will be available before the end of 2015. Anyone who purchased Exposure 7 will automatically receive Exposure X for free as soon as it is ready. Enjoy the benefits of a simple photo organizer that provides you the tools you need.

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