Exposure X is a complete photo editor that combines editing and organizing in a single tool. One of the main strengths of the software is its flexibility. It can be easily integrated into your workflow, however you would like. With Exposure, you can work the way you want. The video below will show you how.

This award-winning, non-destructive RAW editor adapts to your workflow, providing you with a professional toolset for creative photo editing and flexible organizing options whenever you need them. It has enough power under the hood to handle whatever you throw at it, regardless of the type or style of photography. You can work how you want, and Exposure will adapt. It can be used as the main tool in your photography workflow, or as a Lightroom or Photoshop plug-in that can do everything from basic edits to creative effects. You get the same, superior editing tools however you use it.

With regard to speed, Exposure is a cut above. It doesn’t use a catalog, which makes the headaches of long imports and managing archives a thing of the past. The software performs lightning fast during startup, produces impressive load times, and has super responsive UI controls. You can see your edits happen in real-time, making critical tweaks intuitive and easy.

Edits are stored in the same folder as the original image, enabling you more freedom to work however you’d like. You can edit work on the road, take advantage of cloud storage, and share the custom presets that you’ve made with Exposure.

The user interface is customizable and intuitive. You can close or hide panels to streamline your experience. Exposure supports multiple monitors, so you can view fullscreen images without UI elements while you make adjustments. Also, while editing, there are tons of handy shortcut keys designed to speed up common tasks such as highlights, contrast, or vignetting.

The standalone version is a complete photo editor that helps you manage your photo collection with a full range of organizing tools. You can filter and sort through your image library with stars, flags, and color labels. Exposure also makes it easy to rename multiple images simultaneously.

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