I hope you’ve enjoyed our series of videos about the improvements in Exposure X2. For the final video in the series, we cover a bunch of additional improvements designed your editing life much easier.


This helpful tool lets you check an image’s Exposure levels at a glance. It helps take the guesswork out of making tonal adjustments, and it will alert you of any clipping. This is good news if you’d rather use the histogram to make adjustments instead of using sliders.

Adjust capture time

This new feature allows you to properly sequence images from an event, shoot, or vacation. Save time when synchronizing images from multiple cameras, or from images taken in different times zones.

Enhanced selection

There are lots of new ways to speed up selecting photos in Exposure X2. In the right-click menu, you can sort images using criteria such as camera make or model, serial number, or lens type, and plenty more.

Overall intensity blend modes

When working with black and white images, you now have the option to blend the overall intensity of your edits to a black & white base, or to a color base.

Drag and drop

Exposure X2’s expanded drag and drop functionality lets you copy or move photos to Finder or Explorer windows, as well as to many other apps.

And More!

There are even more great improvements that be included with Exposure X2 when it ships in the fall. Keep an eye out for our shipping announcement, coming soon!

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