If you’ve ever wanted to be able to retrace your steps during an editing session, right down to the exact slider or brush settings, then the new history panel in Exposure X2 is just the feature for you.

It tracks every change you make while you’re editing, down to the specific setting of each control. You can easily backtrack through your editing steps if you decide you want to undo some of them. And if you hover your cursor over an entry, Exposure shows you what that image looks like at that point in your workflow, so you can easily cycle back and forth between visual previews in the History panel, without resetting your image.

Exposure stores your editing history for an image, so you can open it months later and still retrace your creative edits.

Watch this short preview video to see it in action.

Visit our Exposure X2 preview page to watch the rest of our preview videos. We’ll be releasing a new one every few weeks until we release the product this fall.

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