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With the uncertainty surrounding Lightroom, now is a good time to reiterate the core elements of Exposure that make it a smarter solution for editing and organizing your photos.

No Subscription Needed

Exposure has never been subscription-based, and we have no plans to make it so. Once you purchase Exposure, you own it forever.

This avoids the risks of losing access to the program, and of spending more money than you expected due to monthly subscription costs increasing. Nor will you need to rely on tiered storage plans that can further increase costs.

The Flexibility to Work The Way You Want

Flexibility is one of Exposure’s core design principles. It works with any type of cloud storage, so you aren’t forced into using any one provider.

It also works well with ‘private cloud’ solutions like Drobo and Synology. Access your photos everywhere without paying a subscription fee.

Exposure supports external editors like Photoshop. You can easily send your edited images to and from other applications for additional edits.

Flexible options like side-by-side view and preset audition enable you to work with presets much faster than in Lightroom and other photo editors.

Exposure’s customizable UI enables you to specify which tools are visible, allowing you to focus on your editing without distractions. You can make Exposure’s interface as minimal as you like. Even if you’re viewing all of the tools, you’ll still benefit from having everything you need onscreen in a single interface.

A Clear Path Forward

There are no confusing multiple variants of Exposure to try to figure out. You can purchase it on its own or as the central app in the Exposure Bundle, alongside Snap Art and Blow Up. Either way, it’s the same RAW photo editor.

We are constantly updating Exposure, and we use your feedback to help guide its evolution. Many of the most substantial new features in Exposure X3 are those that our customers asked us to include.

Software That’s Easy to Use

Unlike Lightroom and other RAW photo editors, there are no user modules that force you to switch modes in order to perform different tasks. Every command is available all the time.

Exposure’s catalog-free approach lets you avoid the hassles of slow imports and complicated catalogs. You can start working immediately after beginning to copy your images.

There’s no single point of failure with your edits, and no unnecessary hard drive space is used to store large catalogs.

Exposure makes it easy for you to back up, transfer, and sync your images and edits. You can edit from multiple computers and even collaborate on edits with others using cloud storage.

Exposure’s learning curve is considerably easier than those of catalog-based RAW photo editors — the folder structure in Exposure is exactly like the folder structure on your computer.

Unmatched Creativity, Speed, and Stability

Exposure provides the kind of speed that traditional RAW photo editors cannot match. Large images load quickly, and all of the tools behave responsively.

Exposure’s hundreds of creative presets include tasteful, accurate film emulations that provide gorgeous looks in a single click.

We’ve been developing Exposure for 12 years now, and have grown it into a complete RAW photo editor and organizer, built on industry-leading creative tools and a powerful processing engine. Additionally, we’ve been creating award-winning creative imaging software for 25 years, and are a veteran team that knows how to ship stable software that lives up to our marketing claims. So you avoid the pain points that photographers have encountered with other software releases that have been released with missing or unstable features.

Organize Your Collection and Finish Your Images in a Single App

Exposure X3 handles your entire photography workflow, so there’s no need to cobble together multiple apps to finish your photos.

You have all the retouching tools, creative edits, and special effects that you need. These include tools like layering, spot healing, brushing, gradients, and gorgeous special effects (grain, vignette, and bokeh).

Exposure’s 500+ presets include accurate, tasteful film simulations. You’ve got the history of film at your fingertips. You can layer, blend, and customize each preset to your heart’s content, and then save the finished look as your own new custom preset.

Exposure gives you the organizing tools you need to master your workflow. These include the following:

  • Collections and quick collections to quickly group your images, no matter where they appear on your computer
  • Keywords and keyword sets to apply helpful descriptive tags that make it easy for you and for your clients to locate your photos
  • Stars, flags, and color labels that give you all the filtering tools you need to cull your images
  • Side-by-side views for flexible viewing options to speed up your image culling and preset selections
  • Watermarks that enable you to mix text and images, and use copyright metadata
  • Flexible exporting and copying options that include keywords, metadata, and quick exports of multiple image recipes
  • Extensive shortcut keys and workflow presets to further speed up your work

Exposure has the features that you’d expect from a non-destructive RAW photo editor, including:

  • An entirely non-destructive workflow — your original file is never touched
  • RAW, JPEG, TIFF, DNG, and PSD support
  • Adjustable histogram
  • Extensive color adjustments
  • Support for a wide variety of DSLR and mirrorless cameras
  • Automatic lens correction for many popular lenses

For a complete list of Exposure’s features, visit the Exposure page.

Industry-Leading Customer Support

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