Exposure Organizing - Migrating from Lightroom

Exposure’s Lightroom migration tool enables you to easily transfer images, keywords, collections, and other metadata from your Lightroom catalog into Exposure.

The migration tool includes the essential metadata for each image in your photo library, like culling and naming info. It converts your Lightroom library folders into Exposure bookmarks, so your organization system remains the same. There are useful migration options, such as only copying keywords you’ve applied to images in your library, or including your entire library of keywords (which includes parent/child hierarchies). The process of migrating from Lightroom to Exposure is fully automatic and easy to use.

Watch the video and learn how to transfer your Lightroom catalogs to Exposure using the migration tool. We’ll show you which metadata options you can select to bring forward, such as keywords, copyright, name, address, collections, collection sets, and more.

For further information about what Lightroom metadata is recognized by Exposure, read this article.

The Lightroom migration tool was introduced in Exposure X4. Earlier versions do not have a migration tool. If you own an earlier version of Exposure, you can manually move your work and data from Lightroom. This article shows you how.

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