Exposure Editing - Configurable Keyboard Shortcuts

Exposure X4.5 will be here soon. We are excited about what this major update brings. Several powerful new features will help make your post-production faster and more efficient, which helps you spend more time shooting and less time in front of the computer.

In Exposure X4.5, you can completely customize your keyboard shortcuts, which helps you process photos efficiently. Even if you only use a few keyboard shortcuts in your workflow, like copy and paste edits between images, you still benefit from this valuable new functionality. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to assign, modify, or discard keyboard shortcuts in Exposure X4.5.

You can assign shortcuts to organize photos, apply creative edits, seamlessly transition between view options, open and close control panels, and more. Additionally, you can save your current set of keyboard shortcuts as a preset. Exposure comes with a Lightroom-compatible keyboard layout that helps Lightroom users feel right at home working in Exposure.

Exposure X4.5 is a free upgrade for all owners of Exposure X4. Stay tuned in to our social media channels for the latest news about the new version.

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