Exposure Editing - Correcting Shiny Skin

Bright shiny spots on complexions are a common nuisance for portrait photographers. They can occur from sweat, lighting, or a lack of make-up. Hot spots can be tricky to remove with retouching because of how bright they are. Exposure enables photographers to quickly and easily make shiny or oily skin spots disappear.

Watch our video to see how to correct shiny skin. We’ll demonstrate how to target where adjustments apply using the Luminosity color constraints, then how to reduce the bright values with a few modifications. You’ll see how to use a color filter to seamlessly blend the shiny area to match with the photo and more.

Exposure X5 users can download the preset created in this video from the following link.  To install the preset, simply unzip the compressed file and then double-click to open the f1s preset. The settings router tool will automatically save the preset to the proper location on your computer. The next time you open Exposure X5, you will see the new preset listed in the Brush panel under My Presets. This preset will not work with other versions of Exposure.

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