Exposure Editing - Working With LUTs

Exposure X4.5 will be here soon. It’s a major update to Exposure and will introduce powerful new tools that make your workflow smoother and quicker, and some that open avenues to new creative possibilities. One of the exciting new creative tools coming in Exposure X4.5 is Look-Up Table (LUT) support. Our latest tutorial video demonstrates the basics of using LUTs in your Exposure workflow.

If you are unfamiliar with Look-Up Tables, they are color grading recipes that transform the colors in your photo. LUTs can reproduce cinematic looks used in Hollywood blockbusters, or they can be used to achieve a variety of creative styles. You can download free LUTs from the Internet, or you can create custom LUTs using other photo or video editing apps.

Watch the video and learn all about Exposure’s new LUT panel. You’ll see how to quickly find the right LUT by browsing a grid of thumbnails, selecting from a list, or searching for them by name. We also demonstrate how to enhance or subdue the LUTs you apply, including creatively blending multiple LUTs in non-destructive layers.

Exposure X4.5 is a free update for all owners of Exposure X4. Stay tuned to our social channels to learn more about it.

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