Exposure Organizing - Benefits of Non-destructive Editing

Exposure is a non-destructive photo editor. This means that Exposure will never alter the original photos when you edit. It stores all of its editing and categorizing information in lightweight sidecar files near your photos instead of a traditional catalog.

There are several benefits to Exposure’s design. Your photos are never changed, ensuring that you can always go back to the untouched original. Exposure stores the entire sequence of edits for each photo, enabling you to review how each photo is edited, or even to go back to an earlier version to try a new creative treatment. You can also use create virtual copies to track multiple editing treatments without consuming additional space on your computer.

Exposure’s sidecars also enable easy synchronization of edits between separate machines using cloud services like Dropbox. The enables new workflow options such as fast collaboration with an editing assistant, or remote setups where images edited on the road are synchronized with a desktop computer at home.

In this video, we show you how non-destructive editing works in Exposure. We show you how to locate the sidecar files, how to backup your photos and edits in a single step, and how to synchronize work across multiple computers.

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