Our Exposure Quick Tip videos are short, helpful tutorials. They focus on a specific feature in Exposure, and are designed for busy photographers who want to learn more about the product. Their goal is to provide tips to help with productivity without taking up a lot of time.

These condensed videos are a great way to learn detailed processes in Exposure. They concentrate on workflow areas where users get stuck or confused, or highlight helpful features that users may not be familiar with. Listed below are few of our favorites from 2018.

Gradient Tools

Exposure’s gradient tools enable precise control over effects and presets. They enable you to seamlessly blend edits in your images. This video demonstrates the options available for controlling gradients in Exposure.

Exposure Quick Tip - Gradient Tools

Export Profiles

Export profiles are a simple way to make photo exporting in Exposure more efficient. They enable you to export images with specific properties for various uses with a single click. Watch this video and learn how to create, customize, save, and use image export profiles in your workflow.

Exposure Quick Tip - Export Profiles

Histogram Tools

The Histogram panel tools in Exposure display further information about the tones in your images. They include clipping warnings, adjustable clipping thresholds, and a feature to closely-examine the RGB values of your image’s tones. This video shows you how to put all these tools to use in your post-processing workflow.

Exposure Quick Tip - Histogram Tools

Virtual Copies

Exposure’s virtual copies enable you to make exact replicas of your images without filling up your hard drive. You can use them to create different crop ratios, quickly experiment with other creative looks, and more. Watch this quick video and learn to utilize this powerful feature.

Exposure Quick Tip - Virtual Copies

Preset Audition

A great way to quickly find the perfect Exposure preset for your photos is by using Exposure’s preset audition ability. That tool enables you to compare up to six different presets on the screen at a time, which makes it easier to find the right look. Learn how to compare numerous presets in Exposure in this video.

Exposure Quick Tip - Preset Audition

You can find all of our Quick Tip videos on our YouTube channel. We created a dedicated video playlist just for them. Here is a link to our Quick Tip video playlist.

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