The release of Exposure X5 is quickly approaching. There are loads of great new features that it will bring, including tools that expand the amount of control you have over applying edits. The improvements made to Exposure’s masking controls enable you to create exquisitely detailed masking, with minimal effort. We made this video to demonstrate how to use this new functionality to control effects in Exposure like never before.

Check out this video for a preview into the operation of Exposure X5’s improved masking tools. In the demo, you’ll see how to generate an accurate, detailed mask using the color constraint controls. We show you how to make adjustments to refine the mask edges, how to duplicate the mask to other photos with similar lighting conditions, and how to seamlessly integrate the brush tool to clean up unwanted areas.

We’re excited that Exposure X5 will be here soon. Keep watch on our blog and our social channels for the latest updates about it. And remember, anyone who purchased Exposure X4 on or after August 1, 2019 will be sent a free upgrade to Exposure X5 when it’s released. It’s a great time to purchase Exposure!

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