Exposure Quick Tip - Flyaway Hairs

Exposure has a robust selection of editing and retouching tools. The Spot Heal tool is a great solution for removing distracting elements from your images. Our latest video demonstrates how to use it to handle flyaway stray hairs in a portrait.

Exposure gives you detailed control over the Spot Heal tool’s behavior. A few simple adjustments enables you to easily remove stray hairs, or clean up and refine the edges of hair in your photos. Removing stray hairs can be a subtle change, but it creates a cleaner image with fewer visual distractions.

Watch this video and see how to perform these detailed retouching steps. We’ll show you strategies for removing longer hairs, as well as how to flexibly revisit, move, and adjust spot heal regions, how to keep your view in Exposure uncluttered, and more.

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