Exposure X7 Preview - Crop and Transform

It’s a great time to be an Exposure user, especially with all the great enhancements coming in Exposure X7. One of the exciting improvements is a change to the way you crop images. We’ve unified the crop and transform panels to provide a more straightforward way to compose photos. We made this video to demonstrate what that means for your workflow.

The redesigned interface provides a streamlined level of control for changing crop ratios, correcting perspectives, or adding film borders without covering too much of the image. Additionally, the new visual overlay guides like the golden triangle or golden section give you new creative composition options.

Exposure X7’s new crop and transform tools create a special crop and transform layer. You can move this layer up and down in the layer stack to control exactly when crop and transform is applied.

Exposure X7 will be here soon. Stay tuned to our blog for more news about the release. And, it’s a great time to purchase Exposure X6 if you don’t own it already. If you purchase Exposure X6 now, we’ll send you Exposure X7 for free when it’s released.

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