Exposure X7 Preview - Polygon Selection Tool

Exposure X7 is coming together nicely, and it’s almost complete. One of the exciting features coming in the latest version is a powerful new way to make selections. We introduced the Polygon Selection tool, which helps you make selections quick and easy. This video demonstrates how it works.

The Polygon Selection tool provides a simple, yet powerful set of controls for creating selections in Exposure. You can quickly draw an outline of an object in just a few clicks and Exposure will select it for you. Make refinements at any time by moving the points, adding more, or placing markers to designate areas to include or exclude from the selection.

Exposure X7 will be here soon. Our blog is the best place to get more information about the release. It’s a great time to purchase Exposure X6 if you don’t own it already. If you purchase Exposure X6 now, we will send you a copy of Exposure X7 when it’s released.

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