Project Description

Cropping can improve a photo in numerous ways, including directing the viewer’s attention, eliminating distractions, improving the composition, and more. This tutorial demonstrates time-saving methods for cropping images in Exposure.

Photo: Nick Anastasiou


Cropping Photos

Cropping an image to focus on a single element can help give it more impact. Often, cropping helps the story in the photo read clearly. To begin the process, open the panel by clicking the Crop icon.

Exposure has several preset ratios to select from that make cropping simple. Simply click a preset name to apply it. With the ratio set, you can easily scale or move the crop box. You can also create your own crop ratio preset. Simply type in an aspect ratio and Exposure will record as a custom preset for use in the future.

In Exposure, you can select a group of images and apply edits, including cropping, all at once. When you edit a batch of photos, after cropping is applied, deselect to keep from accidentally applying further edits to the batch. Press ⌘+D or Ctrl+D on Windows to deselect.

You can revisit the crop settings for each photo individually to make customizations. Press F2 to reopen the tool and apply adjustments.

Leveling & Rotating

Leveling unnaturally crooked horizons is an important step in making photos feel natural. Use the level tool to trace a line in the image that is either horizontal or vertical. Exposure will apply the rotation adjustments automatically.

If there are several images with the same horizon line, simply copy and paste the leveling settings. From the Edit Menu, select Copy Settings. On the dialog, the only option to duplicate is Crop and Rotate. Next, select the images you would like to apply the crop settings to, and paste the settings via the menu or with ⌘+Shift+V Or Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows.

Perform image rotation by hand with the slider. Move it to the right for clockwise rotation, and move it left to rotate counter-clockwise.

To speed up your workflow, you can assign custom keyboard shortcuts to “Rotate Angle Left” and “Rotate Angle Right.” There are also “Small” and “Large” rotation commands that can be assigned to keyboard shortcuts.

For 90 degree rotations, return to the grid view. Rotate buttons are at the top of each thumbnail along with options to flip the image.