Project Description

Cropping can improve a photo in numerous ways, including directing the viewer’s attention, eliminating distractions, improving the composition, and more. Cropping a large shoot can be time consuming. Our latest tutorial demonstrates two time-saving methods for cropping multiple images at once.

Photo: Nick Anastasiou


Cropping Multiple Images

Our first scenario illustrates applying the same crop settings to a group of images

In Exposure select the images to crop from the grid. A group of neighboring images can be selected with Shift+click, or ⌘+click will select or deselect individual images. Use Ctrl+Click on Windows.

With images selected, click the crop icon to enter crop mode. This will automatically open the first image from the group you selected in full screen view. Note the warning that multiple images are selected.

Select a preset crop ratio from the drop down list. Note the crop settings have been applied to all the selected images in the grid. The last important step in this is to deselect. This prevents you from accidentally applying further edits to all of them at the same time. Press ⌘+D or Ctrl+D on Windows.

To revisit and adjust the crop location in each photo individually, simply reopen the crop tool, or use the F2 shortcut. Notice the aspect ratio is already set. Adjust the crop rectangle as desired for the image, and apply with Return. Then select the next image and repeat the process as needed.

Copy/Paste Crop Settings

The second scenario illustrates duplicating a specific crop from one image to others. Simply select the image with the appropriate crop settings in Exposure. From the Edit Menu, select Copy Settings. On this dialog, you choose which settings to copy to the clipboard.

Note the underline beneath the Crop and Rotate checkbox at the top of the panel. This means there have been adjustments made to those controls. Press the Select None button to remove all the checks from the panel boxes. The only option to selectively duplicate is Crop and Rotate, so you don’t alter any other edits you’ve made.

Next, select the images you would like to apply the crop settings to, and paste the settings via the menu or with ⌘+Shift+V. Or Ctrl+Shift+V on Windows