Project Description

Exposure’s quick export presets enable you to export images in record time, and it ensures your image posts always look great. Increase your exporting productivity by integrating them into your workflow.

Photos: @adamkingphoto


Exporting images with the correct JPEG size and quality will do two things. It will ensure that your images look their best, and it will help your pages and posts to load quickly.

Commonly, optimization refers to JPEG compression settings, which determine the file size of the image. When sharing socially, extremely high-quality images are not always the best option. If the file size is too large, the social media channel will automatically resize and lower the quality for you -- which won’t look as good as if you do it properly, yourself.

Exposure’s Quick Export feature makes exporting images fast! And it ensures that your images will appear correctly when you upload them to Twitter, Facebook, or any other social media channel. Additionally, you won’t have the hassle of researching proper display sizes for each of the social channels you want to post to.

To use Exposure’s Quick Export presets, simply press Shift+Cmd+E (Shift+Ctrl+E on Windows), or use the right-click menu to open the Quick Export dialog. Then choose which export preset to use from the list, or choose several of them, then press Export.

An even simpler way is to select all the images you want to export, then choose one of the preset recipes from the list in the right-click menu.

To make your own Quick Export recipes, go to the Preferences dialog, then choose Export. You’ll need to designate the options here for destination, file naming, file settings, metadata image size.

There are tons of preset values included in Exposure for recipe options, so making a new one is really quick. If you don’t see an option that you need in the list, you can easily create a custom one under Edit Export Presets at the top.

I’ll make a new preset for optimizing images for Pinterest. I’ll choose Image Sizing, then set the width to what Pinterest uses, 735px. For the Height, I’ll enter a large number, like 9999, since there is no restriction on that parameter on Pinterest. It’s not likely that I’ll resize an image taller than that, so I just want to make it large enough that i’m not going to change the size of the image, vertically. I’ll make sure the Match Orientation checkbox is not selected, then I’ll save this as a new preset by selecting the option in the Gear icon menu. I’ll name it 735px Wide.

Now, let’s make a new Export recipe by choosing the export panel presets--including the one I just created. It’s now one of the available options for Quick Export.