When editing photos, often you’ll have two or more similar looks to compare. Audition mode was built for precisely this purpose. This video demonstrates how to compare presets side-by-side, including how to discard, replace, and view other options.

Photos: Barbara MacFerrin


Audition Mode

Enter Audition mode with the spotlight button on the top dock. Audition mode will display cells for comparing presets. The number of cells can be changed with the layout options at the top of the panel. View two images side-by-side, or as many as six presets in a 2X3 grid.

The comparison views are especially helpful for evaluating similar presets with subtle differences.

None of the presets selected with Audition mode active will affect the image until the Apply button is clicked. Then, the preset in the selected cell is applied to the photo and Audition mode is disabled. At any time, the Escape key will cancel Audition mode and return to the grid view without applying a preset.

Comparing Looks

With Audition mode activated, selecting a preset will display it in an available cell as it is selected. If one is not available, the oldest auditioned preset will be replaced. Auditioned presets can be placed in the cells with drag-and-drop.

Note that the presets selected to audition are highlighted in the Presets panel. And, for reference, the names of the applied presets are listed on each of the cells. This is especially helpful when comparing similar looks from the same preset family like Fuji Pro or Kodachrome.

Select Discard to remove the preset from the cell, or drag another preset to that cell to replace it. Until Apply is selected, none of the presets auditioned will affect the image. To exit Audition mode, either select a preset to apply, or press Escape to cancel and return to the grid view.

Editing Adjustments

It’s fine to make adjustments to the image using the editing panel while Audition mode is enabled. The changes you make will be displayed in the audition cells along with the auditioned presets.

Editing adjustments are not part of preset Auditioning, so they will be retained after Audition mode is closed. This includes cancelling to leave Audition mode.