Blog frequenters may remember the awesomeness of David Mecey’s work from his appearances here, before. He’s back with a few great beauty portrait tips for photographers. Thanks, D!
Beauty portrait tips Image © David Mecey – Dominique
When working with models, especially when shooting a beauty portrait, it is extremely important to consider light and rapport with your model. To create a beauty shot, take the time to find a location that is kind to the skin, i.e., no strange colors reflecting off her skin or face, greens, purples, intense reds, etc. This is especially true when shooting available light. Seek out an area where you have a soft glow of fill light to strike the face. Shoot with a wide open aperture to blur the background and take your time. Nothing increases anxiety more than rushing around. Make the model feel special with words of encouragement without being fake. If they are truly looking beautiful, tell them so. Add to it by sharing the photo on the back of your camera. If it brings out a “Wow, that’s me?!” reaction, you’re golden.
Then, if you’re like me, I like a little ‘old school’ from Exposure’s Kodachrome 25 preset to make it appear it was shot on KPR 25. We old-timers used the film code to reference this film. It provides snappy contrast, rich reds and a wonderful skin tone that nothing else will ever produce. Which is, of course, why I have Exposure, but I have other faves, too. ;-)
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Follow David on FB, or check out his photography website and his blogJust as a warning, David’s website doesn’t have the PG-13 rating that our blog does.
Beauty portrait tips Image © David Mecey – Workshop Banner

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