Andrew Foord is no stranger to the blog. He’s been featured here plenty of times. His photography work has a specific look and feel--his very own style--that I’d classify as fashion. His processing relies heavily on his mad Photoshop skills, so it was interesting to discuss Exposure 7‘s new non destructive workflow with him, specifically gritty fashion editing.

In our discussion. I asked him to take a few of his RAW shots through Exposure and dress them up with one of his signature looks. He came back with one better--a new video tutorial demonstrating the gritty fashion editing process. How cool is that!?

In the video below, Andrew takes a few shots from his Canon 5D Mark 3 and 70-200 2.8 non-IS lens through Exposure from start to finish. He bypasses the presets and goes straight to work on the sliders. He has a specific look in mind and knows how to make it happen. Andrew’s narration gives you a glimpse into his mind while he works. In the end, he creates a great looking, gritty look in just a short time.

Andrew has been on the blog plenty of times. He’s shared insider info on how to break through inspiration plateaus, he’s given tips on building your portfolio, and even shared how to get out of hot water when everything goes wrong with data backups. Heck, he’s even showed us all how to use Exposure on video clips. Along with being a fashion photographer, he’s also a teacher. He leads workshops and gives private lessons in retouching, photography, and more. Check out his website and his Facebook page. Thanks, Andrew.

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