I’m happy to announce the release of a new version of Exposure X. The update is free for anyone who owns a copy of version X, so head over and grab your copy right now. Included in this release¬†are some new, handy creative features for power users and hobbyists alike. At the top of the list is support for dual full-screen monitors. Take advantage of tons of extra pixels by using your second screen.

Take a look at the dual-screen support in the video below.

There’s more! Here’s what else you’ll find in the update:

  • Quickly change the orientation of the crop rectangle with the new button on the crop panel.
  • Display the mask while brushing for more precise editing.
  • Rename multiple images at once with batch file renaming.
  • Reduced memory usage for improved performance.
  • A ton of miscellaneous usability improvements, and even some bug fixes.

If you haven’t tried Exposure X, now is a great time to check it out! It will help you streamline the practical and the creative side of your photography. Browse, organize, and batch edit massive photo sets with ease. Be rid of difficult concepts like catalogs and user interface modules completely. Whether you use Exposure X as a complete standalone application or just as a plug-in, you can use brushing to apply local changes and stack effects. Work faster than ever with tons of useful shortcut keys and an entirely configurable user interface.

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