Exposure’s editing controls allow you to make detailed changes to your photo. This video walks you through a simple photo editing workflow, highlighting controls on the most frequently used editing panels in Exposure’s right-hand dock. You’ll learn where to find specific controls and how to use them.


New to Exposure X2 is the Histogram. This tool allows you to check exposure levels at a glance as well as monitor pixel clipping in highlights and shadows. You can easily click and drag to make adjustments directly on the histogram, which makes editing more of a visual process.

Basic Panel

This is where you’ll find commonly used controls. Notice right above it, there’s the Overall Intensity slider. This enables you to adjust the overall blend of the preset with your original images. For B&W images, you can adjust the blend to either a color or a B&W base. Back to the Basic Panel: at the top, you can choose whether you want a color or B&W effect, which is often the first decision you’ll make about a look. This panel also houses controls for white balance.

Detail Panel

Sharpening and noise reduction controls are found on this panel.

Color Panel

There are two sections to the Color panel. Color Filter allows for the adding of color casts across an entire image, much like a gel or a filter placed over the end of your lens. Color Saturation provides detailed control to coloring for color images. When applying B&W effects, this section changes to Color Sensitivity.

Tone Curve Panel

Make precise adjustments to tonality and brightness with the parameters on this panel. Use control points, adjust color channels individually, or simply tweak the sliders just below the Tone Curve. Also on this panel are controls for split toning, which is mostly used for adding subtle color to black and white photos. You can also choose from a variety of tone curve and split control presets.


We’re skipping over a few editing panels here because they get into more advanced editing functions. We discuss those panels in detail in our editing videos.

Grain Panel

Exposure’s realistic-looking grain can easily be customized. You can control the grain strength, size, contrast, and more.

IR Panel

Reproduce the signature appeal of Infrared film. Give your images an ethereal glow to the highlights, or try some surreal color Infrared film looks.

History Panel

This new panel displays a record of each step of your editing process in Exposure. You can always step back and forth between visual previews without resetting the image.


So that’s it for a simple photo editing tour of Exposure. If you haven’t used Exposure X2, give the free demo a try.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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