Culling and sorting images is often the first step in a photo editing workflow. The video tutorial below teaches you how to use our photo organizing software, Exposure, for this purpose. You’ll learn how to classify your photos with ratings, flags, and color labels, then see how to filter, sort, and search through your image library. By the end, you will know how to use the organization tools like a pro.

Exposure’s categorization tools let you classify images in several different ways.


Flags can be used in a number of ways. One suggestion is to quickly identify which images made the cut and which didn’t by applying either the pick or reject flag. Using the keyboard shortcuts – (reject) and = (pick) makes this process lightning fast.

Star Ratings

Identify your best photos with Exposure’s rating stars.

Color Labels

Assign a color label to a photo for an additional level of organization. Depending on the type and style of your photography, you may need several groupings of images. You decide what each color represents for your workflow. They can be used to denote output options such as album, print, social media, email, etc. Labels can be used as workflow markers such as images to flag/star, images that need metadata, images to be developed, photos ready for output, etc.


Here is where all the classifying with flags, ratings, and labels becomes useful. Exposure has advanced tools for filtering, sorting, and searching through your images.


Use categories for selection criteria to make quick selections, such as all images with a rating of 4 stars. Filters list images by criteria, such as camera make and model, lens type, exposure time, f-stop, ISO, or metadata. Photos will be displayed in groups, which can be easily selected by clicking on group headers.


You can sort by filename, number of stars you gave the image, capture time, or file type. Combining the sort criteria with filters will include or exclude certain results. Once you’ve marked your photos with flags, labels, and ratings, Exposure makes it very easy to find what you’re looking for.


When you use Exposure to organize your image library, it’s essential that you can find the image you need quickly. The Filter by Metadata field allows you to view images whose metadata matches a search keyword. It’s located in the bottom toolbar below the image you’re working on. You can search by camera manufacturer, ISO setting, exposure time, and more.


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