Adding orange and teal color casts in post processing is a popular cinematic grading method. Filmmakers use these two complementary colors to give shots more depth and contrast. The orange tone mixes nicely with skin tones, which will help them pop. The added contrast will further separate the skin tones from the background of the shot.

This video tutorial shows you one workflow for creating a custom Exposure preset with orange and teal color casts. Artistic applications like this are subjective, so think of this as a guide rather than an exact recipe. Control settings will vary based on the photo you are using and your own artistic interpretation.

Learn how to create your own orange and teal preset by following the workflow method in the video, below.

Exposure X2 Editing - Creating an Orange and Teal Look

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You can download a copy of the Orange & Teal preset created in this tutorial for Exposure X2, here. Or you can download a version that will work with Exposure X3, here. If you need help installing the preset into Exposure, our Working with Presets video will show you the ropes.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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