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Photo by Pooja Photography – @clickmypix

In April we kicked off our #myexposureedit hashtag to show off some of the many fantastic photos edited with Exposure. Each day we share a tagged image, and we try to feature a big variety of photographers and editing styles. Please tag your favorite images with #myexposureedit when you use Exposure. We love seeing the great work our fans create. If we repost one of your shots, we will include your original post and tags to provide photo credit.

Here are 10 of our favorite shots from the #myexposureedit campaign so far. Check out these great photographers who use Exposure on their work. If you haven’t used Exposure before, give it a try by downloading the free 30-day trial.

Photo by Andrea Livieri – @andrealivieriphoto

Photo by Kevin Marable – @kmarablephoto

Photo by Elena Golijanin – @livepixels

Photo by Amani AlShaali – @amanialshaali

Photo by David Parish – @parishda

Photo by Adam King – @adamkingphoto

Photo by Kip Dawkins – @kipdawkinsphoto

Photo by Eric Fischer – @ericfischer

Photo by SJ van Zyl – @sjvanzyl

Photo by April Cormier – @aprilcormierphotog

Photo by Jay Cassario – @jaycassario

Thank you to our Instagram followers who have used the #myexposureedit hashtag so far. We appreciate the opportunity to share your work. Please keep following us and tagging your images edited with Exposure.

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