Vignettes are a powerful creative tool used to enhance the visual impact of your photos. The effects can widely vary, such as subtle darkening on the corners of the frame or they can be so pronounced that they affect the entire image. There are several reasons to add photo vignettes to your images regardless of your artistic intent.

In the tutorial below, we recorded a video call with fine art photographer Theodore Kefalopoulos. He demonstrates his techniques for adding creative vignette effects to his photos in Exposure. Theodore gives lots of helpful artistic recommendations for making better-looking vignettes in the video.

He shows how he uses vignettes to manipulate the lighting in a photo and enhance its atmosphere with visual tension. When considering placement, Theodore suggests aligning vignette effects with strong linear elements in the image, such as horizons, rooftops, and piers. He also shows how to quickly reduce the vignette effects in areas where they are too strong using Exposure’s brush tool.

Learn from Theodore’s creative vignette workflow. His advice can help you approach the idea of adding vignettes to your images in a new way.

Exposure Editing - Creative Vignettes

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