Exposure Organizing - Using Collections to Manage Photo Projects

The release of Exposure X3 is right around the corner. We added tons of great new tools, some for photo organizing, and others for editing. One exciting new feature is the addition of photo collections. Watch the video in this article to learn how you can benefit from using Exposure’s new collections feature when managing photo projects.

Collections enable you to group photos together, no matter where they appear on your hard drive. Photos can belong to as many collections as you’d like. Exposure is very flexible, so there is no one best way to use Collections--just the way that works best for you. Collections are useful for projects with widely diverse size and scope. You can use them for ongoing long-term photo management tasks such as curating portfolio files or keeping family candids current. Quick Collections, on the other hand, are designed to handle short-term projects such as curating images for a blog article or photo contest.

There are so many great features to look forward to in Exposure X3. We hope you enjoy this one!

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