Exposure X6 Preview - Advanced Color Editor

We love to share details about Exposure X6 as it comes together. One of the great new features is the Advanced Color Editor, which provides a simple, intuitive way to replace colors in a photo. We made this video to show you how it works.

The advanced color editor builds on Exposure’s innovative 3D masking for making precise color modifications. Simply select color regions in the image and refine the selection with easy-to-use adjustments, then choose what new color to change it to. Multiple color replacements can be performed in a single step, and the effects can be saved as a preset to use again in the future.

The release will be here soon. Keep watch on our blog and social channels for more news about Exposure X6. It’s a great time to buy Exposure if you don’t own it already. Anyone who purchases now will automatically receive a free upgrade to Exposure X6.

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