Our latest video tutorial is certainly not one to miss. Exposure X offers a fast photo editing workflow that gives the best of both worlds regarding quality and speed. Fashion and editorial photographer Jay Marroquin shares some of his great insights (and his great images) in the video below.

The preset library in Exposure can easily be overlooked, but it’s a powerful asset. Years ago, Jay embraced the library feature in Exposure and built it into his processing standards. His clients in the fashion industry depend on the looks he creates for them. Meticulous notation on Jay’s part is needed. He has to deliver consistent photos that are amazing enough to make people want to pay 10k for a handbag. Jay has been successfully operating in the industry for a number of years, so he’s a good person to learn from about doing your photo editing workflow the right way.

His secret is organization. A good, organized process frees up time and relieves stress, regardless of the situation. Efficient editing helps you avoid those dreaded all-night sessions. Implementing Jay’s Exposure Power User techniques for archiving presets with surgical accuracy is one way to take your efficiency to a new level. Jay’s video demonstrates tips for keeping a tidy library, so it’s a good place to start. We have another video about Working with Presets in Exposure X if you’re interested in learning more.

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