It’s been a few months since we released Exposure X, the standalone editor that also works as a Photoshop and Lightroom plugin. Since then, we’ve been busying our translucent alien fingers with putting the finishing touches on an update to our complete photo editor, the Photo Bundle. Starting on April 19th, it will be known as the Exposure X Bundle.

As you might have guessed, Exposure X is its centerpiece. We’ve integrated Exposure X with our other photo editing apps: Snap Art 4 and Blow Up 3. This bundle introduces a closer level of integration between Exposure X and these apps — for the first time, they can be launched directly from within Exposure X. And the bundle includes the latest version of Exposure X (version X.1), which brings new features like multi-monitor support, batch-file renaming, improved performance, and a brush mask for more precise editing. As always, each app can also be launched as a Photoshop or Lightroom plugin.

And there are savings, lots of savings.

The Exposure X Bundle is almost 60% less expensive than buying each app separately. For those of you who already own Exposure X, Snap Art 4, or Blow Up 3, you save an additional 40% on the bundle price. And if you bought the previous Photo Bundle after December 8th (the Exposure X release date), then the Exposure X Bundle is a free upgrade for you.


Standalone or Photshop and Lightroom plugin © Andrea Livieri - Fall colors photo processed with Exposure X Bundle complete photo editor

© Andrea Livieri

In case you aren’t familiar with the previous Photo Bundle, or with each of the three apps, here’s a quick rundown on each:

  • Exposure X non-destructive editing and organizing tools make it easy for you create beautiful images and manage your photo library. A few standout features are:
    • Hundreds of evocative film styles as starting points for developing your own style
    • Robust editing tools to refine your images
    • A streamlined workflow that eliminates fussy, time-consuming tasks like importing images and managing catalogs
    • Extensive organizational tools to help you manage your photos
    • A UI that’s customizable and intuitive
  • Snap Art natural media tools enable you to easily transform your photos into gorgeous, handcrafted paintings that look like they were created using oil paints, watercolors, etc.
  • Blow Up image enlargement technology makes it easy for you to enlarge your photos while keeping them crystal clear.

With these tools at your fingertips, you have a complete photo editor that enables you to create captivating images in a variety of styles. You can also move quickly through your workflow, so that you can get back to shooting.

If you’re shooting professionally, you can deliver more value to your clients with these cool styles and treatments. See here for an awesome case study.  If you’re shooting for your family or for yourself, you can bring an unexpected look to portraits, landscapes, and any other style that you shoot.

Visit the product page for each app if you’d like to learn more: Exposure X, Snap Art 4, Blow Up 3.

The Exposure X Bundle mothership lands on April 19th, so watch the skies!

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