Color Toning

Exposure's tools enable adjust colors with precision and ease. This tutorial demonstrates how to take command of image color with creative color toning effects.

Photo: Paola Paz

Adding Film Grain

If you love the look and feel of grain, or if you’re drawn to the nostalgia of analog film, check out this tutorial. Learn to the fundamentals of applying and controlling grain effects to enhance your photos in Exposure.

Photos: Tony Sweet

Virtual Copies

Exposure’s virtual copies feature encourages you to experiment with different looks for your photos. See how to use the feature in this video.

Photo: Art Face Portrait

Local Adjustments

In this video tutorial, learn how to apply adjustments locally in Exposure. This enables you to apply editing changes only to the areas you designate, and seamlessly blend any of the edits you make.

Photos: Angie Lambert

Organizing with Keywords

Keywords enable you to structure robust classifications, and flexibly search through your digital image library. Learn how keywords can assist you in organizing your photos in this video.

Photo: Frank Salas


This video demonstrates how to when and how to apply watermarks, how to customize them, and how to create your own using Exposure.

Photo: Jan Siebert

Sharpening Techniques

This video introduces you to several different types of image sharpening, and it explains when to use each kind. Learn how to get great-looking sharpening results by adding the effects during various periods in your workflow.

Photo: April Milani, Anne Helene Gjelstad

Using External Editors

Learn how to launch images in other programs as external editors from Exposure. Integrating all your tools into one central post-processing tool is one of the great benefits to using Exposure as the centerpiece of your workflow.

Photo: Matthew Bliss

Working with Layers

Layers take photo editing to a whole new level. Separate layers provide more precise control over adjustments. Learn how to use layers in this video.

Photo: Lynda Mills

Tim Grey Webinar

Learn ways to improve your understanding of Exposure’s many creative tools. Watch expert instructor Tim Grey’s webinar 'Effects for Creative Vision' and gain new insights into creative editing.

Batch Editing

Batch editing is a post-processing technique that allows for adjusting a bunch of images fast. If you have images shot under similar lighting conditions, you can apply the same tweaks to them all at once. Exposure gives you a few different ways to batch edit photos.

Photo: Jeni Ann


This video shows you how to create well balanced vignette effects. Vignettes are great creative tools to subtly focus attention on the subject.

Photo: Oleg Kim

Creative Focus Effects

Image focus is a powerful way to direct the viewer’s eye. Controlling areas that are in and out of focus gives you loads of creative options in post-production. This video was made to show you how you can add realistic blurring effects to your images in Exposure.

Photo: David Mecey

Working with Presets

Learn how to work with presets in Exposure. See how to browse and search, use filtering, how to save custom presets, and how to import and export.

Photo: Tony Asgari


Learn methods for exporting finished images out of Exposure. Exporting is the last major step in your post processing workflow..

Photo: Hiram Trillo


This video tells the first things to know when you’re starting to use Exposure with Adobe Lightroom. It gives a brief tour of the UI, and suggestions for how to work.

Photo: John Barclay


Exposure is a complete photo editor that can handle your entire photography workflow. But, it can also integrate into other photo editors. This video demonstrates how to access the unique creative capabilities in Exposure from within Adobe Photoshop.

Photo: John Barclay

Eye Candy: Furry Text

Learn to use the Animal Fur effect on text, selections, & objects in Photoshop.

Topics Covered: Animal Fur

Eye Candy: Reflections

Here's a quick tutorial about using the Shadow effect to create mirror-like reflections.

Topics Covered: Shadow

Eye Candy: Winter Holiday

Learn how to make icy winter graphics with a combination of the Snow and Icicles effects.

Topics Covered: Icicles, Snow

Eye Candy: Gold

This video shows numerous ways to achieve gold looks with different effects in Eye Candy 7.

Topics Covered: Chrome, Diamond Plate, Brushed Metal, Rust

Eye Candy: Chrome

This video explains how to get great-looking Chrome in Eye Candy, every time.

Topics Covered: Chrome

Eye Candy: Lightning

Control applying settings to images of various sizes with the Scaling Modes.

Topics Covered: Scaling Modes

Eye Candy: Scaling Modes

Control applying settings to images of various sizes with the Scaling Modes.

Topics Covered: Scaling Modes

Eye Candy: Textures

Use the texture effects to fill an object or an entire layer and see how to manipulate their behavior.

Topics Covered: Brick Wall, Reptile Skin, Animal Fur

Eye Candy: Shapes

Learn how to dress up objects, text, & selections using the shape effects.

Topics Covered: Extrude, Shadow, Fire

Eye Candy: Getting Started

After Eye Candy 7 is installed, watch this video to start learning how to use it.

Topics Covered: Basic Workflow, Navigation, Presets, In-Preview Controls

Eye Candy: Introduction

Here is a quick introduction to Eye Candy 7. This shows some examples of the program's capabilities.

Blow Up: Getting Started

Blow Up enables you to enlarge images to huge sizes without sacrificing image quality. It makes it easy to make photos big enough to print on a semi truck or a billboard. This video shows you the basics.

Blow Up: Introduction

This is a brief introduction to Blow Up 3. You'll hear and see what the program does and what it's capable of doing. To learn more about Blow Up 3, watch the Getting Started video.

Snap Art: Detail Masking

This video shows you how to apply selective adjustments to specific areas of your image to enhance details, draw attention to your subject, etc.

Photo: Tony Sweet

Blow Up: Lightroom

Here is a further explanation about the three different modes in Blow Up 3.

Snap Art: Introduction

A brief introduction to Snap Art. This video demonstrates its abilities to create natural media effects that look hand made.

Photo: Jimmy Beech.

Snap Art: Getting Started

Snap Art enables you to turn your artistic vision into reality. It makes it simple to create a finished work of art that looks handmade. We made this video to show you how to transform your photos with creative effects in Snap Art.

Photo: Tony Sweet

Settings Management

Learn techniques for managing your own custom settings. This video will quickly teach you how to save, share and archive your own settings for Alien Skin products.

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