Caroline Jensen is a passionate photographer, wife, mother, and beekeeper. She moved from the city way out onto a farm in Minnesota. There’s no chance that she’ll drive a tractor, she’s still a city girl. She spends her time photographing elements of her daily life – flowers, the farm, and her children.

She shared a little bit about her photography style. Here it is below.

I always wanted to be a painter, but I didn’t have much natural talent for it. I was excited when I first heard of Snap Art. It quickly became one of my favorite editing tools. Exposure comes in at a close second.

I love the organic feel of adding textures on my photos. There’s nothing like the look of layered imperfections. My post processing really got creative when I started mixing blur and Snap Art. I shoot with Lens Baby lenses quite often, other times I use Bokeh.

I am an instructor and mentor over at I teach a class about developing your skills in observation to narrate what you see and hear through photography. Here’s a link.

Below are a few of Caroline’s photos. Check out her website or her Flickr Photostream for more. Thanks for sharing Carrie!

CarrieJensen-1 CarrieJensen-2 CarrieJensen-3 CarrieJensen-4 CarrieJensen-5

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