Alexander Gref is a young hobbyist photographer from Trier, Germany. He acquired his first camera at 16, sparking his interest in photography. Soon, he fell in love with it. After a few years of practice and some new gear, he routinely captures beautiful images like the ones below. What is most impressive is that he’s mostly self-taught. The techniques in his bag of tricks came from experimentation, books, and magazines.

Alex is an Exposure fan. This is how he gets the analog look that he’s accustomed to. Customization is the key to his workflow. He’s developed his own set of custom settings that he uses for most of his shots. Check out Alex’s Flickr Photostream to see more of his work.

Here are a few of Alex’s personal custom presets. To download the files, right-click on the links and choose “Save As.” Save the preset to your desktop first. That should give you a file with the extension .f1s.

Custom-Fuji Velvia ~ Custom-Agfa RSX ~ Custom-Faded Creamy

You will need to have Exposure 4 installed for them to work. You can download and use it in trial mode if you don’t own it. Double-click the .f1s files to install. The next time you run Exposure, you should see them in the User Settings list.

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