Chris Corradino wrote an article chock-full of helpful tidbits to improve your shooting. He’s a New York-based travel photographer and a photography trainer. Chris’s passion for photography is inspirational. He diligently labors to create majestic images, and helps others do the same.

If you missed his article about capturing awesome shots in awful light, check it out here. The remainder of this article is from him. Thanks, Chris!

ChrisCorradino-YosemiteA young George Washington detailed 110 rules to live by, ultimately leading him to the first Presidency of the United States. Inspired by this, I decided to list the 10 guidelines that have consistently helped in my photography career. I hope they help you to reach new heights in your creative pursuits.

  1. Don’t waste your energies harshly comparing yourself against images in magazines or online. Instead, focus on creating your best work, and making it original.

  2. Accept jobs not solely for the money, but agree to only those that are artistically stimulating, providing an opportunity for creative growth.

  3. Avoid categorizing yourself with labels, or engaging in debates that seek to define terms such as “professional” and “amateur”. A good photographer is not concerned with these phrases, but rather focuses on their craft.

  4. Do not profess to have all the answers. Those with true knowledge understand how much more there is to learn.

  5. Face issues head on, putting fear and uncertainty in their proper place. Leverage study and practice to overcome obstacles. Rarely is the path to success found along the unobstructed road.

  6. Act not in haste, but with thoughtful deliberation, never quick to draw conclusions or join pessimistic company whether online or in person.

  7. Take all constructive criticism thankfully, as it holds greater value than superfluous compliments.

  8. Recognize that shortcuts will only cause you to miss important mile markers, ultimately postponing your arrival at the desired destination.

  9. When overcome with nervous anticipation, the only remedy is to prepare for every possible scenario that could go wrong, and formulate solutions for each.

  10. Starve habits you want to break. Feed goals you want to make.


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