There are always a lot of good photos shared on Facebook each month. Some months have more action than others, but there is a consistent level of awesome in the Exposure and Snap Art users groups. It wouldn’t be the same without all of you inspired photographers out there.

The winning shot for August is a neat looking portrait from Leigh Crassweller Eros. Let’s all give her a warm round of applause.

POTM-Alien Skin-Leigh Crassweller Eros

© Leigh Crassweller Eros

Our Photo of the Month award winners receive one of our new Alien Skin t-shirts and a thumb drive loaded with all of our awesome photography software. It’s not a bad prize for the few minutes it takes to enter the contest.

There was a bunch of great-looking shots that made waves in the group this month. Below are a few of the top liked photos. Congratulations to all of you!

POTM-Alien Skin-Clint Hudson

© Clint Hudson

POTM-Alien Skin-Heidi Broich

© Heidi Broich

POTM-Alien Skin-Paul Von Rieter

© Paul Von Rieter

POTM-Alien Skin-Miguel Quiles

© Miguel Quiles

POTM-Alien Skin-Antoinette Seminario-Skinner

© Antoinette Seminario-Skinner

POTM-Alien Skin-Brad Bucher

© Brad Bucher

POTM-Alien Skin-Howard Ashton-Jones

© Howard Ashton-Jones

POTM-Alien Skin-Nikki Harrison 2

© Nikki Harrison

POTM-Alien Skin-Leigh Crassweller Eros 1

© Leigh Crassweller Eros

POTM-Alien Skin-Stephanie Rogers

© Stephanie Rogers

POTM-Alien Skin-Alexandra Lord

© Alexandra Lord

POTM-Alien Skin-James Davis

© James Davis

POTM-Alien Skin-Sascha Kraemer

© Sascha Kraemer

POTM-Alien Skin-Nikki Harrison

© Nikki Harrison

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