We shared a lot of great content on our blog in 2018. After reviewing every one of our posts, we identified a select few that did a particularly good job providing helpful insight into using our software. The list below is our favorite five blog articles from this year.

#5 – Blow Up Image Enlargement to the Rescue

Increasing the size of a photo usually results in a loss in quality, but not with Blow Up. In this article, Raleigh-based wedding photographer Christopher Nieto recounts how Blow Up’s crystal clear photo enlargement came to his rescue when things didn’t go as planned. Blow Up helped Chris preserve a wedding shoot, and even recreate family heirlooms from cell phone photos.

#4 – Photo Makeover Workflow with Andrea Livieri

We invited everyone to submit an unprocessed RAW image for a chance to have it edited by photography guru Andrea Livieri. Carl Valuquet’s RAW photo underwent the full start-to-finish post-processing in Exposure. Throughout the editing process, Andrea explains how Exposure helps him make creative decisions. Check out the article and learn from each editing adjustment he makes.

#3 – In Search of the Perfect Image Look

Fujifilm X-Photographer Michael Schnabl​ uses Exposure to give his images a lasting first impression. His search for the best tool to give his pictures that perfect look came to an end when he tried Exposure. Now he recommends editing with Exposure because of how well it handles RAW images. In this article, he explains how he uses Exposure to perfect his photos.

#2 – Migrating from Lightroom to Exposure

The easiest way to transfer a Lightroom catalog into Exposure is to do it automatically. Exposure’s migration tool provides you with several options to customize the process. You can efficiently manage what information you’d like to include such as your keywords, copyright, collections, and more. Learn more about using this powerful tool in this quick video lesson.

#1 – Fujifilm Presets in Exposure

Exposure puts a complete library of accurate film simulations at your fingertips. Among them are emulations of the in-camera effects available in modern Fujifilm digital cameras. In this article, avid Fujifilm photographer Michael Gillman compares the in-camera effects from his Fuji XT-2 with Exposure’s Fujifilm presets, including Astia, Provia, Velvia and more.

Thanks for reading our blog this year! We look forward to all the exciting new content we have planned for 2019. Keep up to date with the latest info by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.

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