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Here is the winning shot for our Vivid Celebration photo contest with Fundy Software. Congratulations to Jenna Barrett. The grand prize purse contained one copy of Fundy Software’s Lite Suite and one copy of our advanced RAW editor Exposure X3.

You can participate in our next photo contest by posting your work using the contest hashtags on Instagram and Facebook. Keep an eye out for our announcements to learn details about the new contest, including hashtags and prizes. Stay tuned!


Jenna Barrett is a portrait photographer based in Houston, Texas. She gets her inspiration from the beauty she sees in the world around her, and she means to capture it with every shot she takes. Her greatest love is to create unique images that convey the gorgeous individualism of the people she photographs. She involves herself in every step of the process of creating her beautiful portraits, including designing costumes, scouting locations, building props, and even makeup and hair. We connected with her to ask about how she uses Exposure.

How did Exposure help create your winning shot?

For this image, I started editing by applying the Color Photo – Fading preset. I liked how it enhanced the yellows and warmer tones in the flowers and the model, and it brightened up the photo overall. I lowered the highlights, and I gently increased the red and cyan saturation controls to accent the hair, lips, and sky. The model was backlit, and I shot without a modifier, so there were a lot of shadows on her face. I used the brush set to dodge to remove them.

Additionally, there was also a strong yellow cast on the skin that needed correcting. I discovered that the Whitening Teeth brush preset works great to fix this! As finishing touches, I added a little warmth to her hair and I used the Enhance Iris brush to brighten the eyes. Then it was perfect!

I use Exposure in my workflow for pretty much every photograph. I love the control it gives me over the colors, contrast, shadows, and highlights and I love the convenience of being able to create and save my own presets so easily. This is great for me because I don’t have to remember each step I took to create a look. Once I save a preset, it is ready to go for when I edit that particular set of photos.


All the artists listed below win a copy of our advanced, non-destructive RAW photo editor Exposure X3. Terrific work, everyone!

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