Our video project with Felix Kunze is well underway. There is only one part left in the series. The shoots and edits in the videos were done during Felix’s visit to Raleigh, NC, home of Alien Skin Software. Today we present part four, a behind-the-scenes video of a lifestyle portrait shoot.

Our model for this lifestyle portrait shoot was FAIA architect, Lou Jurkowski. She’s been a role model for women business owners in North Carolina for a long time. Her presence has played a crucial role in public service and community influence in the state.

Lou’s practice started with just a handful of folks and grew to well over 40. During her career in architecture, she designed just about everything from laboratories, museums, and hospitals, to million-dollar homes.

lifestyle portrait shoot: Felix-Kunze-Lou-Jurkowski-Portrait-Alien-Skin

© Felix Kunze

She was kind enough to let us into her home for a quick lifestyle portrait shoot with Felix. All of us involved had a great time. We are very grateful for her hospitality.

If you’re new to the series, here’s the scoop. Felix showed us how to color grade a series of images taken with his underwater camera during a vacation. The photos needed a little something to make the collection cohesive. The editing only took him a few minutes with Exposure and he demonstrated the process. Then, there was the behind the scenes shoot at the Raleigh Little Theatre with talent from the Carolina BalletSara Newton. Felix used the color features in Exposure to control the look and feel of the shots he took.

There’s one more video coming down the pipe! Stay tuned.

Thanks again to the team! Lou Jurkowski, Rebecca Faulk, Christopher Nieto, and Jeff Kolbfleisch. Ashley Bromirski was our makeup artist, and Matthew Melino from 6 Salon was our hair stylist.

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